Monday, October 11, 2010

Freedom of speech

Pastor Fred Phelps claims his points are directed from the bible itself however I see no evidence of this. Throughout the years, the text in the bible has been interpreted in countless ways. Some interpretations have been harmful, some beneficial to humanity. He claims we are all going to hell, however we feel they are doing something that goes against our principles. All in all, principles, morals, and ethics, are all left to our interpretation. It something opinion-based and should not be taken as a factual concept.
            I, and I’m sure many others, find it difficult to understand him or believe what he is trying to day We have been conditioned into thinking everything we do based on the culture of this country is correct and moral. However, they have been conditioned in the same way about their teachings and beliefs. So, who is wrong? As previously stated, it’s an opinion-based matter. If their beliefs entitle them to walk around with posters saying things we don’t like then so be it. Despite the fact that I do not feel the same way as them, I feel they have a right to do as they please as long as no one is harmed in the process. Just as certain religions do specific rituals that we find odd, they are doing what they feel the lord is asking them to do. As I stated in another blog, we contradict ourselves when referring to the bill of rights. If you give freedom of speech to your country, it is for everyone and under every circumstance. Simply because some people do not like what they have to say doesn’t not mean their rights should be prohibited as if they were not human.
            Cults are defined as groups of people who practice certain rituals that the rest find odd. So, in a sense, this is a cult. Yet, once again, because we find them odd. Remember, they find us odd. Yes the idea of picketing at a soldiers funeral is not a pleasant thought, however this is something that can be worked with. Boundaries can be set for them in these situations where they cannot picket past a certain distance, without taking away their freedom of speech. Very simple. And yes, this is definitely a hate crime! You and I may not agree with them, but that’s simply the way they are! They haven’t killed anyone, they haven’t terrorized our country or stolen anything. They’ve simply expressed themselves, the same way Cubans march around calle ocho with signs saying they hope Fidel dies. Doesn’t that seem familiar?
            Once again, this is a closed minded country for some things, and an open minded country for others. We need to stick to one, otherwise we’ll lose our credibility.